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The manufacturing and commercial activities of electronic timers from the FCS groupe are managed by 3 companies, two of which are located in France in Haute-Savoie not far from the Swiss border and an additional company in Tunisia.
The companies of Faucigny Instruments SAS and Coupatan SAS are located in Thyez, France, and manage the creation and development, administration, sales, logistics, sales and fabrication for Faucigny and Coupatan brands. The company for equipment mechanics and electronics (S.A.M.E), in Tunisia, assembles and manages its own logistics.
These 3 afore-mentioned companies represent «the FCS groupe».

We manage the processing of your orders while ensuring an energy saving environment.
Our watchmaking design is at the forefront of mastering manual winding. We are in the process of conceiving and developing the products of tomorrow. We can produce either single unique timers or provide large batches. Delivery is taken charge of by our well-established, worldwide logistics management.